Our Values



Acting with the highest level of integrity, honesty & professionalism


Shared Reward

Working with every stakeholder, to ensure everyone experiences their fair share of success


Value Creation

Bringing the pieces together, so everyone can maximize their return

We're a group of private investors, with the experience, contacts & skills, that come from operating, growing, & selling businesses across the sectors we operate.  We work with business owners to maximize business value, whilst realizing that value through a share sale or IPO, at an agreed time in the future.

Unlocking Investment Finance for SMEs

Until now, Institutional investors have been unable to invest in small businesses.  This comes down to the perceived high risk levels & the time to manage an investment.  It takes the same effort to manage an investment of £100m, versus a £200k investment, so with limited deal management resource it isn't viable for them to focus on smaller deals.

Our low risk, diversified model provides a platform for the investment community to access the SME market, and capitalize on greater returns than typically achieved with larger 'safe' investments.

An Alternative Approach to Growing, Selling or Turning Your Business Around

We have a unique approach to running, growing and selling small & medium sized businesses.

We aim to help around 100 small businesses every year. 

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