Business Recovery & Turnaround


Business recovery and turnaround is about improving profit, increasing cash in the bank, and reducing debt.

Due to the tough economic climate in the UK, a large number of small businesses are trading insolvent.  The definition used by HMRC, for a business trading insolvent is, 'Unable to cover debts, as they fall due'.  By trading insolvent, the directors of the business become personally liable for any debts owed by the business.

  • Would you like to improve your profit levels?
  • Are slow paying customers, causing you problems?
  • Would you like some surplus cash in the business, to invest & grow?
  • Would you like to be paid what you're actually worth, rather than what the business can afford every month?
  • Would you like to reduce debt on the balance sheet?
  • Are creditors putting pressure on your business or threatening insolvency?

It normally takes us between 30-90 days to transform a business & turn it around, but this is dependent on how long it's been distressed.


Wayne Fox

Managing Partner

Business Recovery & Turnaround


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