Current Pipeline

A sample of the deals we're currently looking at

CategoryCompany Type Location  Revenue (GBP)
 Infrastructure & Construction Construction company South West £1,800,000
 Infrastructure & Construction Refrigeration contractor North West £2,200,000
 Business Services Management consultancy International £5,000,000
 Business Services Accountancy Practice North West £1,800,000
 Business Services Publisher South West £1,000,000
 Business Services IT consultancy Southern England £14,000,000
 Business Services IT & Telecoms Group South West £18,000,000
 Infrastructure & Construction Electrical contractor South West £4,800,000
 Infrastructure & Construction Flooring contractor North West £2,500,000
 Infrastructure & Construction Construction company North West £1,600,000
 Infrastructure & Construction Electrical contractor North West £3,200,000
 Business Services Software Developer International £14,000,000
 Infrastructure & Construction Waste Water Processing South East £4,500,000
 Business Services Management consultancy International £2,000,000
 Business Services Digital marketing agency South West £900,000
 Property Consultancy Facilities management consultant Nationwide £7,200,000
 Property Consultancy Building services consultant South West £3,400,000
 Property Consultancy Architect South West £1,900,000
 Business Services Recruitment agency International £104,000,000
 Business Services Accountant South West £6,000,000
 Manufacturing Steel Fabrication South East £3,100,000
 Manufacturing Sweet Factory Scotland £2,800,000
 Business Services Marketing agency South West £1,700,000