How To Beat Those Monday Morning Blues

Put your hand up if you’d put yourself in an environment that you don’t like, it makes you uncomfortable, or you’d be around people you’re fearful of, or just don’t like?

I know that 87% of you should have put up your hand to this question. That’s because 87% of the working population either mildly dislike, or hate their job, their employer, or their work colleagues.

The average person spends 63% of their adult working life at work. That’s the equivalent of 4 out of every 7 days, for the rest of your life. Yet every week we hear the same things from the same people.


If you don’t jump out of bed every morning, ready to get going, there’s something not right, something you need to change. We’re only around for a short time, so why are you wasting 63% of your life doing something that you’re not happy about?

What aren’t you happy with?

Look at every specific detail in your personal & work life, & determine what you aren’t happy with.

With every negative situation, there has to be a contrasting positive. What is the opposite to those areas you’ve listed? Rather than focusing on what you dislike, turn it around to focus on what would make that situation better. Then take the action to start that process of change. It’s unlikely you’ll make a huge change in a single step, but you can move toward that desired result, and with each step you’ll be happier.

For me personally, I’m only happy and motivated when I can see progress happening.  It’s when I can see that I’m closer to my target than I was yesterday.  I’m sure other people are the same.

That goes for whether it’s your job, your house, your family life or your business. Any area of your life.

If you’re making progress toward that happier life, you’ll no longer feel the Monday morning blues. You’ll be happy to get going, because it’ll be just another day to step toward your ideal vision of the future.

Be happy & enjoy every task

We hope you’ve received some value from this article, and some information that you can use to move forward toward your vision.

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