Contact Us

If we published our contact details here, due to the high number of pitches we receive every day, we'd never get any real work done. If you wish to contact us, please choose your desired option below & we'll do our best to answer you within 3-5 working days.


Looking for Support?

We have a strict process for following up with requests for support & investment:

1. Initial telephone conversation

A brief informal conversation to talk over your plans.  At this stage we determine whether we can help you.  If we can't help you, we'll try to suggest alternative options, or connect you with other investors in our network.

2.  Video call

If we believe we can help you, we'll sign an NDA (Non Disclosure Confidentiality Agreement), which protects you & your business.  It also enables us to talk a bit more in depth about the business.  We'll schedule a video call with you & the other business shareholders.  Our objective at this stage is to gather enough information about the business and the support you need, for us to prepare a formal offer.

3.  Formal offer

After we've had a chance to consider everything that you've told us about your plans for the business, & we've looked over your financial accounts, we'll prepare a formal offer to help you.  At this stage, we schedule a video call & present our offer to you, taking you through the finer details of the offer by sharing our screen with you.

4.  Face to Face meet

After we agree the terms to the deal, we arrange to meet with you in person at your office.  At this stage, we will sign all the necessary paperwork ready to move the deal forward.

5.  We start working with you

After signing the paperwork we agree the timing for your support to start.  In our first week of working together, we'll provide you with an outline plan of action for the following 90 days.

Investor Relations

If you're an investor, please contact us through the Investor Relations page

Partner Enquiries

If you'd like to join us as a partner, please contact us through the Partners page


Our Criteria

If you meet the following criteria, we look forward to hearing from you:

  • More than £500k turnover
  • UK based
  • Limited company
  • Trading for over 4 years
  • Bricks & Mortar type business