Measuring Success In A Material World

How do you measure the scale of your success? We’re all successful in one way or another, even though most of us only see success as that huge goal, that might take us the next 15 years to achieve.

Let’s put success into present tense, what have you achieved today? Getting to work without crashing your car could have been considered a success in your earliest driving days, but you don’t consider that a success any longer because you’re constantly raising the bar of what success means, and how you measure it.

So perhaps you compare yourself to others, perhaps it’s about having a certain number in your bank balance, your assets, your net worth, how many holidays you take every year, the car you drive, or perhaps even how many followers you have on twitter?

Many people certainly associate success by the car they drive, or the house they live in. But we’ve all lived in a time where, either ourselves, or someone near to us have looked successful on the outside, but when we scratch the surface we find those material items were all purchased on credit cards and other bad debt, living on a knife edge to maintain the perception of success to ourselves or to those around us.

If we all wanted to present the image of being successful, it’s fairly easy for anyone to do it. I read an article recently that said 66% of business people have hired a prestigious car for a day, just to try and impress a potential client (or relationship partner).

If you wanted to go one step further even, you could hire a helicopter for as little as £500. So with that perceived success, it’s got to be something deeper.

An Alternative Measure of Success.

What if, over the weekend you win the lottery. Imagine it.  It’s the £80 million rollover. You’ll never need think about money again. Does this mean your life has been a success, and if so, then what’s next?

But with that money, you don’t need to work anymore. You don’t need those Monday morning blues. Even if you do still work, how do you think your work colleagues would treat you? While they arrive to work on the bus, you turn up in your Ferrari, or Chauffeur driven Bentley.

My guess is, that most would despise you a little bit?

So this got me thinking.  Imagine we live in a world where everyone has as much money as they need. I read a story recently that stated there's enough money in the world for everyone on the planet to be billionaires, so if that's true, then it's quite possible. That means nobody has to go to work anymore, just as a means to pay the bills. What will everyone do? Will we all look successful if we’re all driving super-cars?  I guess not.

So it has to be something deeper. A higher purpose.

Fast forward now to the day of your funeral. How would you like people to remember you? If you’re no longer measuring success by the material items in your life, how will you determine when you’ve become successful? For me, I think I'd like people to remember me according to how many peoples lives I touched. That’s my measure of success. I guess it's my higher purpose too.

So what’s your higher purpose? If you had more than enough money, no job to go to, and no reason to work, what would be your motivation to jump out of bed every morning? More importantly, what are you doing today, that takes you one step closer to doing it full time tomorrow?

I’ll leave you with that thought. Have a great week ahead

We hope you’ve received some value from this article, and some information that you can use to move forward toward your vision.

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