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Selling a business can be a daunting experience for any small business owner.

Typically the route most business owners take, is to engage a business broker, or corporate finance agency, pay expensive upfront fees, but yet still never achieve a sale.  98.7% of businesses listed with a broker never sell.

Many small businesses are not 'sale ready'.  By this we mean that often the business is reliant on its owners.  Many small businesses are reliant on 2 or 3 key clients, making up 70% or more of their annual turnover.  There are no systems in place, often meaning that problems occur & staff spend much of their time just fighting fires.  But generally, small businesses are run often to maximize the owners takings, whilst using tax reduction strategies, mostly legal, but occasionally not so.

Utilizing our vast network of over 300 HNW investors, combined with those businesses active in our business accelerator program, we've developed an alternative route for you to sell your business. 

  • We help you prepare the business to sell
  • We maximize the achievable business sales price.
  • We source buyers & negotiate the deal alongside you
  • We don't charge any upfront fees, we're paid on our success only

Our Guarantee
We anticipate achieving a sale within 3-6 months.  If we've failed to sell the business within 12 months, we'll buy the business ourselves.


Wayne Fox

Managing Partner

SME Business Sales


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